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St Andrew's by the Sea is an historic church situated on the corner of Albert and Owen Streets, in Whitianga, NZ. From its very beginning, this church has been used as a place of worship for all Protestant denominations.

This church may be small in size, but is very active in the community, offering many activities and sharing the love of Christ in a very practical way.


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St Andrew's By The Sea

Worship at St Andrew's by the Sea

9:30 a.m. every Sunday

Communion service first Sunday of every month

Children are always welcome.Bible activities are provided for children to explore while seated with their parents.

There is a quiet corner with toys at the back of the church. Older children may choose to learn with a Bible teacher in the lounge.

Parish Secretary: Dorothy Preece 022 1322 061

Office email:
Contact Maureen 027 246 6164

Church Bank Account Number for online deposits: 020 496 0062562 000

For donations to Meals online deposits: 03 1578 0108901 00

Opportunities for Worship, and Fellowship in April/May

        Sunday Worship @ St Andrew’s - Sundays 9:30 am

    April  7th        Bill Woodwood         

                14th       Russell Grainger                       

            21st       Ross Millar                               

            28th       Vanya Wallis *  Presbytery Missioner


 May    5th       Rev. Shirley Barker-Kirby         Communion

               12th       Margaret Birtles * Methodist Synod                

           19th       Julie St George and Bible Team         

           26th        Kevin Pringle



Upcoming Parish Review
 The Parish has not been reviewed since – we don’t know when! Perhaps since we became a Co-operating Parish. The two parent churches, Presbyterian and Methodist, will send representatives from Kaimai Presbytery and Waikato-Waiariki Methodist Synod, to talk to the congregation and Parish Council to assess how we do things here, how effective we are as a Church, and what we might be able to do better or more efficiently. We hope as many people as possible will be able to participate in this discussion process.

On Sunday April 28th Kaimai Presbytery Missioner, Vanya Wallis will visit us and lead our worship. Vanya will also give us information about the review process and what it involves. A questionnaire will be circulated to our Fellowship members, in hard copies and/or by email. There will also be questions for Parish Council to answer. We all will then have a couple of weeks to compile those answers.
In early May , after the information has been received by the parent churches, they will compile a Summary Report.

On Sunday May 12th Deacon Margaret Birtles, representing the Methodist Synod, will take our service and lead informal discussions with the Fellowship over morning tea, followed by more in-depth discussions with Parish Council on the same day. The final Report will be shared with Parish Council in late May, and this will be shared with the whole congregation in early June.






                                                                   Sunday Duty Rosters


Door Welcoming:

1st Sunday – Martin Wigmore, Ian Brown

2nd Sunday - Barbara Blake, Janet Brown

3rd Sunday - Dorothy Preece, Madeleine Saunders

4th Sunday - Annie Lynch, Madeleine Saunders

5th Sunday -  Ian & Janet Brown

Morning Tea:

1stSunday -   Barbara Blake,  Madeleine Saunders

2nd Sunday - Gina Mahmud,

3rd Sunday - Christine Christy, Heather Anderson

4th Sunday -  Enid Hogg, Joy McGregor

5th Sunday  -  Gina Mahmud



Regular Groups

Mondays:   Upright & Active  9.30 a.m. Weekly exercises for active seniors.
Church Hall. Contact Kathy 021 254 2769 or Wendy 027 721 5113
                  Manawai Kai Heart Food Kitchen Community Meals
takeaway only, every Monday 3.30 - 5 pm.
                  Contact Maureen 027 246 6164

Tuesdays:  Exercise Group  (9.00am - 10.00am) Contact Kathie 021 254 2769 or Wendy 027 7215113
                  Stitch 'n Chat  
Alternate Tuesdays  1.30 pm. Hamilton Room Contact Julie 021 169 1637
                  Enliven (Presbyterian Support for the Elderly) weekly   Contact Jenny 021 071 9539

Wednesdays: Ladies Bible Study   10.00 a.m. Contact Julie 021 169 1637
                  Inter-Church Woman's Fellowship monthly contact Annie 866 3711
                  Scrapbags Quilting Group 10am weekly. Contact Robin 866 5029
                  Parkinson's Support - 6 weekly - contact Keith 027 459 8683 for dates and times

Enliven (Presbyterian Support for the Elderly) weekly   Contact Jenny 021 071 9539
                  Bible Study Group 10 a.m. - contact Dorothy 022 132 2061

Friday:       Cancer Support Coffee Morning   First Friday of every month. Contact Ruth 021 363 840









Friendship Coffee – bring your friends!

Madeleine invites everyone to come to


ON THE FIRST Thursday of every month

                                                                                                                                                                            Gift Idea

‘Mercury Bay Inspirations’

by Julie St George and Dorothy Preece

 $25 a copy

All proceeds to St Andrew’s Church.