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Built on what was once the main road, this was the first major building that travellers to Whitianga, came upon.The piece of land  on which the church is situated, was purchased in the late 1800’s.  Building began in 1890 and  the church was finally completed in 1898.

All the inside woodwork was cut out at night by ‘working bees’ - local men working in a nearby boatshed. The battens which covered the joins of the vertical weather boards were hand-planed, and grooved for weather proofing.

The pews were bought second hand from Auckland. These were 'rented' to families in the congregation.

Our local M.P Scott Simpson helping to peel potatoes  for the Monday night Community Meal.

Volunteers preparing food for the Monday night Community Meal.

Community service at Coroglen Hall.

'Feeling the Beat' at Mainly Music.

 Day Camp

Each year, during the school holidays at the end of Term 1, St Andrew's organises a camp for 300 children age 6 - 13, and trains about 50 teen leaders to help run it.
This is a wonderful community effort, as many of the Mercury Bay Community are involved.
The 2017 camp will be held once again, on the Morcom farm property at Cooks Beach, in April.

Messy Church allows the parents and children to relax, and absorb the caring, nurturing and spiritual benefits of belonging to a church family and knowing God’s all-inclusive love. (In recess)

                 Harvest festival 2013

The Church Op-Shop is situated behind the church building on Owen Street. This excellent fundraiser, as well as being a major supporter of this parish, also helps many community groups.