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St Andrew's by the Sea is an historic church situated on the corner of Albert and Owen Streets, in Whitianga, NZ. From its very beginning, this church has been used as a place of worship for all Protestant denominations.

This church may be small in size, but is very active in the community, offering many activities and sharing the love of Christ in a very practical way.


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St Andrew's By The Sea

Worship at St Andrew's by the Sea

Community Church

9:30 a.m. every Sunday

Communion service first Sunday of every month

Children are always welcome.Bible activities are provided for children to explore while seated with their parents.

There is a quiet corner with toys at the back of the church. Older children may choose to learn with a Bible teacher in the lounge.

Parish Secretary: Dorothy Preece 869 5452 Church Office: 867 1102

Chairman Parish Council: John Twemlow  869 5054 Office email:
Meals: Ring office Mondays or leave a message.

Church Bank Account Number for online deposits: 020 496 0062562 000

For donations to Meals online deposits: 020 496 0062562 001

What's on over the next week ?
th January - 21st January

Opportunities for Worship, and Fellowship

Sunday 14th January: Worship Service  Dorothy Preece  9:30 am.    
Monday 15th January: Community Meal  Takeaways and deliveries resume 5-6 pm.  Enquiries to Tania:  phone the church on Mondays 867 1102 or text 021 0294 2234               
             Upright & Active Resumes this week  earlier time 9:00 a.m. Contact:  Carol Melrose 867 1097
Tuesday 16th 
Upright & Active resumes this week 10.00 a.m. contact  Brenda 866 5814
ednesday : Ladies Bible Study In recess until 7th February Contact Julie 9849140
unday 21st January: Worship Service  Rev. John Twemlow 9.30 a.m.

Sundays -
if you would like specific prayer for matters causing concern, please ask before or after the service. Someone will be pleased to listen and pray with you.
During the week - There is a sheet of paper in the lounge where you can write items that you would like included in the morning service. They do not have to include names - just describe the situation.

Urgent Prayer - Contact Dorothy 869 5452